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Chronic renal failure and hyperthyroidism in cats

Category: general | Submitted: 24 November 2011 01:31PM | viewed 245959 times
Q Louise asks:

I recently contacted you with regards to my 14 year old cat Treacle who was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in July. He had started to drink more water whilst being treated with felimazole. The vet did some bloodtests and it appears that he is in the early stages of crf, phosphate and creatinine normal but high urea. He advised that we feed him a renal diet and lowered his felimazole from 10mg a day to 7.5mg. Things were going great for about 10 days but now he won't eat the renal food. He is eating his old food but he seems lethargic in himself, retiring to bed after eating. The vet was concerned that his potassium levels could be high and that we should moniter him for a few days and bring him back if things don't improve. He said he thought lowering the thyroid tablet should have improved things. I am concerned about leaving him over the weekend in case things get worse. Any thoughts and advice would be appreciated. Thankyou

Q Our vet says: If you are concerned about Treacle you should contact your vet again and request an earlier appointment. I am sure they will be as keen as you are to keep Treacle as well as possible.

Renal failure can be a problem in cats with hyperthyroidism and it can be tricky to get the balance of treating the hyperthyroidism and supporting the kidneys right for each individual. Every cat is slightly different so you will need to work closely with your vet to achieve the best balance for Treacle. Do not hesitate to contact your vet sooner rather than later if you are at all worried about any change in condition or problems of any type.

The renal diet should help as will ensuring Treacle drinks plenty of water. Many cats appreciate a drinking fountain since they seem to like drinking from running water.

I hope all goes well.

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