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dog has trouble with legs, is wobbly, and vomits

Category: general | Submitted: 26 March 2007 04:29AM | viewed 4462 times
Q Jillian asks:

My 7 year old Shih Tzu has symptoms such as leg trouble, wobbliness, and vomiting. When she walks she slides around and is very wobbly. She also vomits a lot, usually at night. We saw a vet who seemed to think it might be epilepsy, but I am not so sure. Because we have never seen her have a seizure. What could this possibly be?

Q Our vet says: It is difficult to say exactly what this may be without actually being able to examine your dog because there are several possible causes for these types of signs. I would suggest that you go back and talk to your vet again about this. Vets are usually happy to discuss cases again if owners are worried, but they need to know of your concern!

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