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Fleas and skin problem

Category: general | Submitted: 26 October 2007 01:26AM | viewed 11613 times
Q Joanne asks:

I have two cats, a neutered tom and his sister. They are 6 and a half yrs. old. They have never been outdoors. A few days ago I was a bit concerned when scratching my tom cat's neck I noticed it was scabby under his thick coat (short haired) the more I felt , the more I found. I was debating a trip to the PDSA as I am disabled and cannot afford a vet. But then tonight for the first time in over six years I find 2 fleas on me and 2 on my sofa within the space of 30 minutes ! Needless to say I'm horrified. My tom is the friendlier of the two and if he can't sleep on me he will sleep very close to me. His appetite seems fine, his coat LOOKS fine. So other than starting a flea treatment on both cats is there anything I should be doing for his skin ? Why this would suddenly start ? I have never had another animal in the house since these cats have owned me.

Q Our vet says: Download the free e-book about fleas- it is on the home page of this site- you will find this better and more detailed than the short answer I can give here. If you understand the flea life-cycle you will be able to tackle the problem much better! There is not much you can do for your cat apart from getting rid of the fleas and perhaps a trip to the PDSA if your cat becomes very uncomfortable (there are some prescription medicines which can be used to ease any itching).
The most important things to remember when treating fleas are to treat both cats at the same time, treat the house effectively and keep going with treatment even if at first it does not appear to work. Please do read the e-book it will answer most of your questions I hope!

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