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Millie had a road accident on Monday

Category: general | Submitted: 2 August 2007 10:27AM | viewed 5366 times
Q Susan asks:

She was knocked down on Monday. The vet says she is blind. One person says its possible she may see again and then other people say unlikely, obviously she was hit face on, she broke her jaw but that's OK. I'm just very confused and want the best for Millie.

Q Our vet says: I am very sorry to hear about Millie's accident. It is impossible for me to say if she will regain her vision or not since this will depend upon the nature and extent of her injury. You should speak to the vet who examined Millie and get their opinion about this. If Millie does have a permanent problem then you should be reassured that many blind animals are able to live fulfilling and happy lives. Try to keep things as normal as possible and get her used to her routines of feeding and going to the toilet in the same places- keep things as consistent and constant as possible and be aware that if you move furniture around or have house guests etc Millie may find it more difficult now than when she had normal vision.

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