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Category: general | Submitted: 5 August 2012 10:00PM | viewed 234663 times
Q Lorraine asks:

I have 5 month male kitten who has taken to peeing on a sofa bed everyday he has just been castrated but this hasnt helped, i have tries to mop up with disifectant hoping the smell would put him off

Q Our vet says: Hi, apologies for the delay in replying.
I'm sorry to hear you are having difficulties with your kitten.
The first bit of advice I would give is to stop cleaning up with disinfectant! This may seem the cleanest way to get rid of smells but to cats the smell of ammonia in the product encourages them to remark the same area. The best product to use is something like totalcare (available on our website) or a biological washing powder. The enzymes in these products actually break down the particles in urine so no smell is left behind.
Another tip would be to use numerous litter trays around the house as cats are very fussy about using a tray which has been used, & make sure they are cleaned as they are used rather than leaving until your cat has used a couple of times.
Make sure the litter trays are positioned in quiet areas too as cats don't like being watched when they use the loo!
Another trick is to place a bowl with a few biscuits in near to where he is urinating as cats don't like to eat near to where they go to the toilet.
Another thought is that something has caused your kitten to become anxious. Do you have neighbouring cats who have come into your garden or another cat of your own who is bossy? If you can think of anything that may have caused your kitten to become nervous, you can purchase a product called feliway which can help with anxiety.
The last thing is that he may have a urine infection so if it does carry on, get him checked again by your vet.
I hope this helps, good luck!

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