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Poor Little pigeon with injury to foot

Category: general | Submitted: 29 January 2012 09:14PM | viewed 242899 times
Q Kate asks:

I found a pigeon in our car park that is unable to fly. I left him for a day to see if he could get himself up to safety but unfortunately he couldn't and was wandering around cars. His wings look ok, He does have some blood under his wing but the wound looks superficial, I have been using antiseptic on that. His real problem is his left leg. The toes are all curled up and very floppy. The back toe is under the front three. I have balled up some gauze & put it between the toes & taped his leg to stabilise it & incourage his toes to heal correctly - as advised by pigeon rescue. He is unable to fly & I am unsure if it is because he cannot spread his weight evenly due to the foot or if something else is goin on. I have seearched online for rescue centres & avian vets but unfortunately the nearest one is two hours away. should I contact the RSPB or take him to a vet. He is drinking & eating (wild bird seed & water) and otherwise is very strong & in immaculate condition. I have had him for three days & really would like to give him the best chance of going back to the wild. I have hand reared pigeons before so I don not mind keeping him for longer if necessary, If he will never fly I can keep him but would obviously prefer him to be free once again. Any advice but be very much appreciated. Kind regards Kate in Norfolk

Q Our vet says: It sounds like this pigeon has an injury which really would make him too vulnerable to predators in the wild. If he cannot fly and has a leg injury he will need to be kept in captivity while he recovers. He could have some nerve damage, so perhaps the wound, although it seems superficial, is the clue to deeper injury. Releasing pigeons back into the wild after they are rehabilitated is contraversial since they are sadly considered to be pests. Consider taking this bird to your local vets to be assessed or to the animal sanctuary you mention where they will usually have access to veterinary care.

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