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Possible wet tail?

Category: general | Submitted: 23 December 2010 05:52AM | viewed 48861 times
Q Lisa asks:

My hamster who is normally really active (still is in a way) over the past 2 nights has been sleeping more which I put down to the cold weather we have been having, so I put a blanket over his cage to keep him warm plus extra bedding for his wee house, however last night I noticed the wet tail & urine smell, is this wet tail? He still runs about the cage, comes to see me extra & appears to be eating! Not sure what's wrong with him? He is a 15 month old Syrian hamster called Walter

Q Our vet says: This does sound as if it could possiby be wet tail. I would advise that you take your hamster to your local vet today. Hamsters do tend to become very ill quite quickly, so do not delay in getting help for him. While you are in the process of organising an appointment with your vet try to keep him warm and comfortable with plenty of bedding.

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