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Pressure sore

Category: general | Submitted: 22 June 2009 12:20PM | viewed 40685 times
Q Lyndsey asks:

I have a feral cat in my garden. She has three legs and we have tried to find her owners with no success. We have noticed her front under leg is really sore and you can see flesh. We are guessing that it is a pressure sore. I've called my local vet but they won't help me as I am on sick pay, but the cat is obviously in pain and I'm worried and not sure what else to do. We have called the RSPCA and they can't do anything at the moment. What help can you suggest that could make the cat more comfortable?

Q Our vet says: This does sound nasty. Make sure the cat is not wearing a collar as sometimes cats get their front leg caught in a collar and this can cause terrible injuries. This could give the appearance of a missing front leg too. Perhaps you can try the Cat's Protection League or try to find a local animal charity close to you who may be able to help since this cat does need to be caught to be treated.

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