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rabbit with GI Stasis

Category: general | Submitted: 9 October 2011 03:49PM | viewed 43305 times
Q Natasha asks:

My beloved pet rabbit passed away 3 days ago and i feel completely responsible. She had stopped eating and i took her to the vets where she was treated for G I Stasis, she showed all the symptoms except having a soaking wet bum from urinating. She had had Gi stasis a number of times in the past so i knew what i was looking for and rushed her immediately to the vets. she was treated and sent home with critical care food, the next morning she was no better so i took her back to the vets, and they admitted her to give her food every two hours . although she wouldnt eat or drink herself, she took enough food and water all day and was told she was improving. An hour later we had a phone call saying she had passed away. They were very shocked she was up one minute and gone the next. The only explanation we have been given is that it could be heart failure or a blood clot. Im sure it wasnt the eating as she was really hungry and wanted to eat when we gave her the critical care food, and also ate kale by herself

Q Our vet says: I am so sorry to hear about your rabbit. It must have been a real shock to you.
Sadly rabbits can decline in health quite quickly. They can appear to be healthy until things get to a stage where they cannot cope any longer and signs of illness start to appear. This is probably because in the wild any sign of weakness would be attractive to hunters- therefore they "hide" their illnesses from even the most dedicated owners (and vets).
Gut stasis (known as ileus) is common in rabbits and is often fatal. It can also develop as a result of underlying disease or through other events such as surgery. It sounds as if both you and your vet did everything you could have done in the circumstances to save her.
Heart failure or a blood clot can both cause death rapidly and there is often nothing which can be done once these events have happened.
Please do not feel bad about what happened to your rabbit. You sound like a lovely caring owner who took your pet to good vets as soon as you knew there was a problem. It seems to me that you and your vets did everything that was possible.

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