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Sleepy little hamster

Category: general | Submitted: 1 October 2007 08:00PM | viewed 5414 times
Q Jess asks:

My new hamster is 6-7 weeks old. I got her from a shop on Friday and she is sleeping more than I think is normal. I know they are nocturnal, but she doesn't seem to be awake much at night either. She made her nest and hasn't come out much since and so we have woken her up a few times and today we tried to take her out to put her in her ball, but that resulted in her hiding in a tube. She doesn't have her eyes open much and I'm really worried because she doesn't seem active enough. We have made sure the room is kept warm and draft free, so we don't think she's hibernating. Any advice would be appreciated, as this is my first time looking after a hamster - thanks!

Q Our vet says: It is a difficult question to answer because without examining your pet I cannot be sure the inactivity is not due to illness. Hamsters do tend to be less active than we perhaps think they should be because they are nocturnal. Even when we handle them at night we are usually doing so with the lights on and so to them it is still "day" and therefore time to be sleeping away from potential predators. However, I do sense some concern over her health in your question and usually an owners instincts are to be trusted (even if you feel inexperienced you will often be right in your assumptions over the general well-being of an animal- simply because you care enough to notice). So I would advise contacting your vet and getting her checked since these very small creatures may quickly become very seriously ill and even die if they are left for too long; a 'wait and see' approach cannot be recommended in this situation. I do hope that all goes well for your hamster.

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