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Urinary tract problems

Category: general | Submitted: 15 March 2007 03:07PM | viewed 4432 times
Q G. asks:

We have three male cats. We just started using a new scientific cat litter that is supposed to warn of urinary tract infections. It appears that at least one of our cats is causing a reaction in the litter, but from what we can tell that just means the pH of the urine is off. None of the cats are showing any of the other signs of urinary tract infection that I've read about. We are going to take them for checkups but would appreciate any advice you could offer. Thank you very much.

Q Our vet says: It is worth taking a urine sample along with you from each cat, if possible, when you visit the vet. Your vet will then be able to tell you if there is a problem after examining your cats. If the pH of the urine is such that crystals and/or infection are more likely, or present at the moment, your vet will be able to suggest ways to help your cat (such as perhaps changing the diet). One of the easiest things to do for cats with possible urinary problems such as this is to try to increase their water intake. Consider feeding moist food rather than dry. You might also like to try a cat drinking fountain, since many cats enjoy drinking from these.

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