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Rabbit poop stuck on bottom

Species: rabbit | Category: general | Submitted: 10 May 2009 08:39PM | viewed 11259 times
Q Julie asks about daisy (rabbit - not known, F) :

My rabbit has a massive hard lump of poop stuck to her behind. I've tried pulling at it, but it won't budge; she doesn't seem her normal self.

Q Our vet says: It is important to remove this as soon as possible, as at this time of year it could be full of maggots because of fly strike. This is where flies lay eggs in the faeces and the maggots burrow into the animal eating the flesh. In many cases this becomes very serious and causes death. Try sitting your rabbit in some warm soapy water and ease the faeces away as it softens. If you are unable to remove it, you should take her to your vet. If you manage to remove the faeces and do find maggots, take her to your vet urgently.

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On Wednesday 26th August 2009 at 16:53 Vivi added the following:
Try sticking fly paper to the outside of their hutch/cage where your or their can't get stuck to it. This should keep them away. Also don't destoroy spiders webs, as spiders are great for catching flies unless of course the cobwebs are catching dust, dirt or dirty bedding

Lump on leg



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On Wednesday 26th August 2009 at 16:49 Vivi added the following:
try getting a mineral chewing block for them. they help to grind their teeth down. my rabbit loves them, and without them he tends to chew on the wood in his hutch!
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