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Feeding a lizard

Species: reptile | Category: behaviour | Submitted: 8 September 2007 11:00PM | viewed 6420 times
Q Mike asks:

I tried to feed my plated lizard a live mouse for the first time (he or she is just over a year old) and it now has a new friend. It has eaten mice before but only dead and by my hand. Can anyone tell me why its not lunch? Is this good for them to live together? Will my lizard get sick, should I leave them together or what? I didnít plan on having a mouse so it is eating Finch bird seed and the lizard decided that he wanted to try it and chowed the whole bowl is this good for it or not? It is mostly very small seeds and dried fruit and cinnamon. If anyone could let me know the answers that would be awesome. Thanks

Q Our vet says: Your lizard probably simply does not know what to do with a live mouse and may not even recognise it as "food". In this situation we need to think about the welfare of both animals. It is very stressful for the mouse to live with a predator and it would be humane to remove the mouse and possibly find it a new home. I would not let the lizard eat too much of the bird food- many problems in reptiles are caused by dietary deficiencies and it would be best to keep your pet on its normal balanced diet.

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