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Hasn't gone toilet in nearly 2 weeks

Species: reptile | Category: medical-surgical | Submitted: 5 April 2007 02:12PM | viewed 6426 times
Q Owen asks:

Hi there, My Northern Pine Snake hasn't gone to the toilet for almost 2 weeks. Am starting to worry about him, He has had 3 small Rats and a Chick in this time (trying to get some weight back on him). He is normally a very docile snake but at the moment he is being very aggressive and wont let me get anywhere near him. I have been spraying the viv once a day to increase humidity a little as he is in shed at the moment. Just worried about the fact he hasn't gone to the toilet in so long, it isn't really like him. He is about 5-6 years Old. Cheers, Owen

Q Our vet says: Constipation is sometimes a problem for snakes in captivity. It can be caused by a number of things including parasites, illness and the wrong environmental temperatures. You really should take your snake along to a vet who has an interest in exotics to get help with this problem.

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