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Hill's Feline - Adult

These diets are formulated specifically for adult cats.

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Hill's Feline Adult Maintenance tinned

Hill's Feline Adult Maintenance tinned

Keeping your adult cat happy and healthy could be as easy as opening a can of Science Plan Feline Adult with Ocean Fish. It combines the satisfying taste cats love with all the essential nutrients your cat needs to stay strong and vital throughout her adult years. Key Benefits: Hill's Science Plan Feline Adult has been developed to meet the nutrient and energy needs of adult cats one to six years of age. Promotes healthy skin and shiny coat. Balanced nutrition and great taste for adult cats. With added Taurine to help maintain normal heart function and retinal structure. Controlled Phosphorus formula to maintain healthy kidneys.

Brand or generic name: Hills

Made by: Hills

Hill's Feline Adult Maintenance Ocean Fish tins 156g £24.58 incl. VAT


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