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Hill's Feline Senior

As cats get older their nutritional requirements change. A cat is considered to be a senior when they reach the age of seven. Feeding a good diet at this time is important to keep them healthy and fit.

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Hill's Feline Senior

Hill's Feline Senior

Help your older cat stay healthy on the inside and looking great on the outside with Science Plan Feline Senior. It has everything an older cat needs to stay fit, strong and full of vitality. The Superior Antioxidant Formula promotes overall health and natural immunity too, so your cat remains healthier for longer.

Brand or generic name: Hills

Made by: Hills

Hill's Feline Senior with Chicken 10kg £53.51 incl. VAT

Hill's Feline Senior with Chicken 2kg £15.64 incl. VAT

Hill's Feline Senior with Tuna 2kg £15.64 incl. VAT

Hills Feline Senior 7+ Chicken pate tins (85g) per tin £0.50 incl. VAT


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