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Cat Toys

Cat Toys

Cat Toys

Keeping your cat entertained doesn't have to be difficult. Engaging in play, is a great way to keep your cat fit and happy. Whether your cat is in or outdoor, young or old, with our great selection of toys to choose from, they'll be jumping for joy.

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Cat Treat Ball

Cat Treat Ball £2.40 incl. VAT


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Questions and Answers from our online vet

Your Pet Questions Answered by our Online Vet


Suzanne asks: I have an 18 month old female husky who can be quite aggressive to other dogs especially if they ... view

Anal secretion

Kerrie asks: When Willow sits on us, sometimes she leaves small, dark, wet patches on us which smell really bad. She ... view

Swelling around vagina

Swelling around vaginaLaura asks: Our dog has been a bit out of sorts the last couple of days. She's been very grumpy and ... view

Breathing problems.

Valerie asks: Jo is off her food, is sneezing, and seems to be breathing through her mouth instead of her nose ... view

lump on staffy's head

Gail asks: We brought our staff when he was able to leave his parents. When we chose him he had a ... view

Skin problems

Sharrice asks: I put some flea drops on Harley and Charley and wondered if that has irritated his skin. It was ... view


Debby asks: Hi Max is very lively of course but he seems to get very excited and bites the children, not ... view

spotty chaped dotted ears

Abby asks: I don't know what it is but my rat seems to have tiny white spots all round his ears, ... view

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