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Coat and Skin Health

Coat and Skin Health

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Brand or generic name: Complederm

Made by: Virbac Ltd

Compliderm 250ml £21.12 incl. VAT


Fish 4 dogs salmon oil

Fish 4 dogs salmon oil

Salmon oil is high in Omega 3, which helps maintain a healthy coat and skin in dogs and cats of all ages and breeds.

Brand or generic name: Fish4dogs

Cod liver oil 1 l £10.06 incl. VAT

Fish 4 dogs salmon oil 500ml £14.21 incl. VAT


Salmopet Salmon oil

Salmopet Salmon oil

Brand or generic name: Salmopet

Salmopet Salmon oil £29.63 incl. VAT




Brand or generic name: Viacutan

Viacutan £18.46 incl. VAT


Yumega Plus

Brand or generic name: Yumega

Yumega (cat) 50ml £10.44 incl. VAT

Yumega Plus £11.65 incl. VAT


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