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Felifriend is a product which helps you to gain a cat's trust and confidence when they are meeting you for the first time. It is a fraction of the feline facial pheromone which cats use when they brush their cheeks against objects and people. It helps them to feel more relaxed and at ease. This product is good if you are involved in cat rescue or similar activities since it can help you "make friends" with cats much more easily. It is also worth considering using this product when you meet your new kitten or adult cat for the first time.

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If you spray this product on to your hands when meeting a cat for the first time it may assist in getting the cat to accept you and "make friends". A good idea if you regularly come into contact with new cats or when rehoming a kitten or adult cat.

Brand or generic name: Felifriend

Made by: CEVA Animal Health Ltd

Felifriend 25ml £12.25 incl. VAT


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