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Feliway is a synthetic form of the feline facial pheromone which cats naturally use when they rub their cheeks against objects or people. It makes their environment feel safe and familiar to them. If cats are feeling stressed or anxious they may start to show behaviour such as urine marking and scratching which are obviously undesirable. By using Feliway you can help to reassure your cat and make their environment more relaxing for them to be in. This in turn will help to prevent or stop undesirable behaviours which are related to stress. If your cat is urine marking (spraying )in your house, scratching furniture or showing other signs of stress then Feliway could help.

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Feliway Diffuser

A pheromone product for cats which is believed to provide a feeling of security for cats in stressful or unfamiliar situations.

Brand or generic name: Feliway

Feliway Diffuser £19.62 incl. VAT

Feliway Diffuser refill £15.95 incl. VAT


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