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Frontline and Effipro

Frontline and Effipro

Frontline is a well known and popular product available without a veterinary prescription. It is a spot-on preparation for the prevention and treatment of infestations with fleas and ticks. This product also controls biting lice.

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Effipro Spot on Dog

Effipro Spot on Dog

This product contains the same active ingredient as Frontline but is cheaper.

Brand or generic name: Effipro

Made by: Virbac Ltd

Effipro Spot on Dog extra large dog pk 4 £32.99 incl. VAT

Effipro Spot on large Dog pack of 4 £29.00 incl. VAT

Effipro Spot on medium dog pack of 4 £27.00 incl. VAT

Effipro Spot on Small Dog pack of 4 £25.00 incl. VAT


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