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Granofen is a 22% granular formulation of Fenbendazole. This product is generally easy to administer and should be mixed with food. It it is a good choice for puppies or kittens and for adult animals too. Granofen is suitable for dogs and cats for the treatment of roundworms, tapeworms and lungworms. It is not effective for the treatment of Dipylidium caninum- the tapeworm carried by fleas.

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Granofen Wormer for Dogs and Cats

Granofen Wormer for Dogs and Cats

A broad spectrum wormer for the treatment of domestic dogs and cats. See the attached data sheet for dosing information.

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Brand or generic name: Granofen

Made by: Virbac Ltd

Granofen Granules Sachet 4g £1.40 incl. VAT


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