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Hepatic Support

Hepatic Support

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Questions and Answers from our online vet

Your Pet Questions Answered by our Online Vet

I need some sleep!

Elizabeth asks: We re-homed a 2 year old cat around 3 months ago from a rescue sanctuary. The first few days ... view

Valgus deformity

Valgus deformityRichard asks: I took Toby (black labrador) to the vet on Friday and they seem to think he has valgus in ... view

puppy habit

Lynn asks: We have 10 day old puppies and they have been sucking each others private parts, is this normal? The ... view

Cat with eye problem

Zara asks: My cat has a layer of skin covering the corner of both eyes. Some times it covers up half ... view

Unexpected Death

Helen asks: My frilled dragon was a 6 year old female. She had been eating and drinking well and was looking ... view

Trouble walking

Ben asks: My dog has been having severe trouble walking for 3 days now. If he walks, his hind legs tend ... view

Sudden death

Judy asks: Yesterday, we left our lab in our fenced in area to play for a few hours. It was ... view


Julie asks: I have been told that Moses kidneys are getting smaller, why would this be and he keeps being sick? ... view

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