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Hepatic Support

Hepatic Support

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Brand or generic name: Denamarin

Denamarin 90mg 30 tablets £24.94 incl. VAT


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Questions and Answers from our online vet

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Carolyn asks: Jurgi was diagnose with IBD 3 years ago. He is currently on steroids which have increased in the ... view

black marks

Diane asks: Black marks have recently appeared on my blood red parrot fishes fins and tail he seems healthy this has ... view

Defecating outside the litter box

Lisa asks: We have just moved to a flat from a house so there is no garden for her to go ... view

Illness with mucky eye and very thin

Teresa asks: My rabbit is 7 years old got very thin, not eating or drinking since Thursday night what might be ... view

Listless, not eating, short sharp breaths

Alan asks: Suki has not eaten for a few days now and seems very listless with breathing coming in short sharp ... view

Inner eyelid not retracting

Tilly asks: I have a cat who is 4 years old and recently (only 5 or 6 days now) I have ... view

Eye injury

Betty asks: Yorkie, 4 months, 1.7 pounds. Fell off back of couch on to left-side of face. Eye is all red ... view

should I clean my horses sheath

Jemima asks: Is it necessary to clean my horses sheath? It is making a wooping noise when he runs, should I ... view

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