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Acetylcholine Receptor Antibody ACRA (10-21 days)

Acetylcholine Receptor Antibody ACRA (10-21 days) £82.80 incl. VAT


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Questions and Answers from our online vet

Your Pet Questions Answered by our Online Vet

10 day old and 3 week old kittens dying

Dawn asks: Sorry this is a bit long winded to give optimum details. 5 of my show-breeding queens got pregnant when ... view

Seizures due to liver disease

Rebecca asks: My dog had a seizure last Monday and a blood test came back that she had liver disease. She ... view

Guarding problem

Guarding problemElaine asks: Alfie is a terrible guarder and will take your hand off if you try and retrieve an object he ... view

Face swelling

Christine asks: My 6 year old cat has a swelling on the side of his face that has just burst and ... view

Chewing newspaper

Laura asks: Our puppy is chewing newspaper. We are using paper to train him but he chews it. Will it harm ... view


Sally asks: We have tried lots of treatments but still she carries on getting them both sides are really big could ... view

Non union of bone in cat

Deb asks: I would like to enquire, by way of a second opinion, on best treatment for my cat's non-union of ... view

Protocol for subcutaneous fluids

Gwen asks: My 13+ year old cat must receive SQ Lactated Ringer's daily for renal failure secondary to diabetes. Since my ... view

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