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Aspergillus Culture ASPC (2 days)

Brand or generic name: Nationwide

Aspergillus Culture £22.56 incl. VAT


Blood Culture BC (upto 14 days)

Brand or generic name: Nationwide

Blood Culture £40.08 incl. VAT


Fluids/Discharges Culture FDC (2-4 days)

Brand or generic name: Nationwide

Fluids/Discharges Culture £49.44 incl. VAT


Joint Culture JC (Upto 14 days)

Brand or generic name: Nationwide

Joint Culture £40.08 incl. VAT


Nasal Culture NOSE (2-4 days)

Brand or generic name: Nationwide

Nasal Culture £36.72 incl. VAT


Oropharynx Culture OROP (2-4 days)

Brand or generic name: Nationwide

Oropharynx Culture £38.40 incl. VAT


Strangles Culture STRA (2-4 days)

Brand or generic name: Nationwide

Strangles Culture £26.88 incl. VAT


Tracheal Wash Culture TW (2-4 days)

Brand or generic name: Nationwide

Tracheal Wash Culture £38.16 incl. VAT


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