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Recovery Diets for Dogs, Cats and Rabbits

Recovery Diets for Dogs, Cats and Rabbits

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Hill's a/d

For animals recovering from surgery or illness. It is very palatable so anorexic animals may sometimes be tempted to eat it. It is suitable for hand or syringe feeding due to its soft consistency.

Brand or generic name: Hills

Hill's a/d pack of 24 £40.07 incl. VAT

Hill's a/d per 156g tin £1.67 incl. VAT


Royal Canin Recovery Diet

Royal Canin Recovery Diet

Recovery is a complete dietetic food with a high energy density, concentrated essential nutrients which are highly digestible. Specially designed for dogs and cats, formulated to promote nutritional restoration during surgery or illness.

Brand or generic name: Royal Canin

Made by: Royal Canin

Royal Canin Recovery Diet per tin £2.00 incl. VAT


Royal Canin Rehydration Support

Royal Canin Rehydration Support

Brand or generic name: Royal Canin

Made by: Royal Canin

Royal Canin Rehydration Support £20.68 incl. VAT


Royal Canin sensitivity control recovery pack

Brand or generic name: royal canin

Royal Canin sensitivity control recovery pack £47.47 incl. VAT


Supreme Science Recovery

Brand or generic name: Supreme

Supreme Science Recovery pack of 10 sachets £14.94 incl. VAT


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