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Renal Support

Renal Support

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Renalzin 50ml Oral Solution

Brand or generic name: Renalzin

Renalzin 50ml Oral Solution £9.90 incl. VAT


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Questions and Answers from our online vet

Your Pet Questions Answered by our Online Vet

Pus oozing from eyes

Mohit asks: My dog has a swollen face near the left eye. The swelling is now a hard lump and has ... view

Dog attack

Sally asks: My dog, not yet 1 year old was attacked by 3 bull terriers in my own home. They jumped ... view

inner eyelid of cat

Viv asks: Our cat's inner eyelid won't open completely when she opens her eye - about 1/4 of it stays covering ... view

My hen keeps her tail down

Marie-Alice asks: 13 months ago we rescued ex-battery hens but Omlet is now behaving strangely. She spends most of the day ... view

Has my cat had a fit? What caused it?

Lesley asks: My cat had a funny turn this morning - after behaving completely normally. He suddenly appeared to stagger ... view


claka asks: Billy had first injection on Tues and was wormed on Wed. He has had the diarrhoea ever since with ... view

Dragging back legs

Christine asks: My hamster is 15 months old and was hardly able to walk for last day or two, dragging back ... view

Dog caught hamster

Dog caught hamsterNatasha asks: i've had my hamster Moo Moo for an few days now. The day after I got him the dog ... view

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